Sunday, August 2, 2015

On the beach

Wherever else you would feel zone out other than the beach?
At least that’s what I feel.

I need beach probably like I need water - it keeps me alive. It used to be hard for me to even go to the beach. The reasons?
  1. I can’t swim.
  2. I get a little darker, along with sweaty and wet in the beach. Those are a weird combination and I’m not a fan. Why people love to lie on the beach, I could never tell.
  3. What do people do on the beach actually? Sand games? Swimming? Relax? I could use an air-con room with books for relaxation.
  4. It’s too hot I am dehydrated.
  5. I can’t swim.
But that was years ago, when I was naive and sweet. My encounter with beach went through a hard way. After a series of frequent beach visits, I started to fall in love with it. There was something about it that felt surreal, joyful and serene for me. The elements of beach, ocean, sea waves, sea creatures were perfect, combined with my sane willingness to try snorkeling and sign up for scuba diving, never in my life I regret that choices.

I can bring book to beach to enjoy my little summer read, maybe a bottle of homemade ice lemonade and shades to complete it all. Now I have it all figured. Beach is not someplace you should play around, nevertheless, it is the place where you can be and do whatever you want to chill you out. You want to be calm? Do it. You want to be like labrador, loud and run around? It’s yours!

Beach has never failed to bring everything fine for me. It mesmerizes me — and none can accuse you the jealousy crime that people feel when they check up on your instagram feed *wink*

Here’s to the beach life that never ends!

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