Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just googled: How to reduce the stress of moving house

"Moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce..."

"Moving is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do, with most feeling the stress build from the moment the decision is made..."

"Research has shown that the anxiety of moving house is one of the most stressful events that can occur throughout your life on a par with divorce and bereavement."

I couldn't say they were wrong or right. Moving house is personal to everyone. While for me? I couldn't be more agree with those aforementioned statement on Google. The stress level of moving house process was built within days. 

Problem #1: PACKING
At the very beginning, you just pack your things and even have the leisure time to plan and prepare what things should go into which boxes. It all goes easy breezy, with a happy thought of a joyful time you're going to have in the new home. Happy.

Few days later, you were like, "F**k it! I'm just gonna throw all of these stuff to this box. F**k it!"

Even you don't realize how you can have hundreds of small stuffs at your drawers when packing. This goes into, "Why on earth do I have these freaking thang in here? The hell, these can go into trash bin." 

But seconds later, "Just kidding, I may need this." 

See what I meant? That can get me into trouble at the time of unloading the boxes in the new home. And when I say "boxes", it doesn't mean only 5 boxes, but potentially above 15 boxes. 

It seems like I'm going to finish the unpack in around 3 months. 

Problem #2: HOUSE CHECK
How's your water pipes doing?
Do all the bathrooms work just fine?
Is there any leaking on the ceiling?
Any troubling cracks on the wall?
Is the water pumps OK?
Are you still breathing?

I got a new house, with less than 2 years freshly built and nobody has lived there before -- it's called an investor house. There lies the holy problems, because none has stayed in the home, the problems arise. The outdoor paints already got viciously ugly. The cracks on the wall inside are serious. The master bathroom's water pipe is leaking to the living room to the 1st floor. The water installation needs jet pump to have a "normal" shower. 

Meanwhile, the developer is off the page. That said that the developer guarantee term has long been closed, so I and my husband need to fix it on out own. And that also means we have to live in the new house with the fixing thing going on.

F**k it. I ain't breathing no more.

So we decided to custom made mostly everything to fill in the house. Why? We haven't found furniture items that gets our heart aligning with our house theme (plus, they're super $$$). It means probably a month live with no complete furniture in the house. All we have now is only our super comfy bed, curtains, a TV, and a beautiful small jati wood side table for the living room. Sucks, huh?

Mom and many peeps told us not to rush in fill in the house. Take small baby steps and all will be just 100% complete in the end. We believe in it, that's why custom made and an empty house are all we have. HAHA. #ironic

The first item we ordered was a big build-in wardrobe. We have many clothes, jackets, with several big hobby items (like scuba diving and hiking stuff). They eat a lot of space, though. We thought a wardrobe would do justice in the house to simplify the unpack activity. Damn you, boxes!

The next will be kitchen and sofas and the rest of other things that I'm just getting tired of thinking about it. 

*PS: If you guys need a reference to get a custom made interior with affordable prices and great quality, you can reach me. I have two different places for references. Perhaps you need it, btw ;)

Living in a such humid and all-year warm season like Jakarta, Air Conditioning (AC) could be your savior. But when you purchase a good quality AC, you can end up having a bad product -- one in a million 


I must wait for a week to have the product replaced from the dealer. A week sleeping without AC in today's hell weather? Thanks, but no thanks.

It's like problems keep coming up like there's no tomorrow. Our patience is tested and ur money is wasted to fix things here and there.

Now tell me, where's the part that dramas don't involve? Having a house is a blessing, truly a blessing. But let's separate them, because now I have grasped the stressful ambiance of moving house. And it doesn't end just like that.

God speeds the process... 


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