Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pregnancy situation: 1st and 2nd trimester

I have never thought I was pregnant – until 7 weeks later – and my reaction was flat. What frightened me the most yet made me feel strong was during the 7-week time lapse, I still pretty much did aerial silks workout and hardcore bootcamps. Normal people would be lashed out at me saying it was dangerous for my baby, but hey I didn’t even realized I was pregnant. Was that a god or bad thing?

Flashing back, I reckoned feeling so bloated, exhausted really fast, hungry like I could eat a hippo every damn hours, powerless and got sore boobs. At that moment, I thought I was to get my period. Then after missing my period for almost 2 weeks, and I got morning sickness all day everyday, I asked my husband to get a home pregnancy test. It’s “just to make sure because I know I’m not pregnant.” Hmm...

That night I tested, had a mixed feeling about it and told myself not to catch a glimpse at the kit until 1 hour later (it’s wise to wait for at least 1 hour after the test to make sure it’s accurate).

I peeked at the kit, of course, and two stripes showing. WHUT?! Calming myself down, I remained to wait an hour later, showing my husband the result and he’s all smiley.

“I told you…” he said.

I was feeling surprised, thrilled, happy, panicked and all emotions in the world at a time. If you knew me, I tend to overthink. The first thoughts that popped into my head:

“Should we visit the doctor?”
“What am I going to wear?”
“What do we do now?”
“What do babies wear?
“Should I eat something?”
“I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.”
Funnily, one of my friend said that I might get pregnant as the nauseas never stopped, and my husband even told me to try the pregnancy test. But I was stubborn, so I didn’t believe them at the beginning.

My husband and I agreed not to spill the beans to family and friends until at least 3 months. We needed to ensure the baby is growing well and healthy, as the first trimester was considered weak and everything could happen.

The first trimester was a roller coaster ride, I must say. As grateful as I was, admittedly it was freaking hard. The nauseas went constant and bad. I could not vomit even if I wanted to. The nausea was gone when I ate and snacked, so I tried to do it often in a small portion. Ironically, I didn’t feel like eating when morning sickness was all I felt, but I had to eat because it was the only thing that made the nausea gone for a little while.

How about pregnancy cravings? Well, I didn’t believe there’s such thing, but I was craving some foods: Fried duck – I never liked duck, the meat tasted weird; juices, because it’s cold, fresh and fibery; and sambals (Indonesian chili pastes).

I even grinded my own sambals everytime I wanted to eat, they gave me life and big appetite! I often only ate warm rice with sambals and kerupuk (chips), as tasty as it was, I knew it’s neither healthy nor nutritious for my baby development.

Second trimester arrived. Thanks God it was more joyful than the first. The nauseas were slowly gone, even though I suffered a light fever for few days and asked my mom to kerokin (coin rubbing for healing) my back and neck.

Emotions were built this time. I could just cry and burst into tears when something I held was keep dropping on the floor. Or when I cleaned the bathroom and felt like the tiny corner was still dirty, I cried because I was upset. Damn they’re hilarious!

Then I started to home exercise again and did morning walk, after missing it for 1.5 months as I was feeling powerless. I was feeling fit and awesome. My belly started to popped weeks after weeks, no pants fitted. The boobies were getting bigger and I had to buy bigger daily bra – with paddings. From 36B to 38B, with my areolas getting darker, larger and jack up the little sweat gland bumps. It was scary though, my areolas were about to conquer my boobies. What if my boobies were covered in these dark alien-looking areolas, I thought.

Other things showed up in the second trimester were acnes and pee in my pants. My hormones stimulated the sebaceous glands, which then caused zits on weird spot on my face. About the pee, controlling it was easier said than done. I could not compromise it. Turned out, when pregnant, your bladder sits right under your uterus so as your baby grows, your bladder can’t always take the pressure. As much as the advices said to drink plenty of water and move more, this resulted in peeing more, changing clothes and panties even more. This time, kegels were advised and I only managed to do it few times.

After all, I try to focus on the good parts of pregnancy and less on the crap. Well, this too shall pass. 

Cheers for the ride of the upcoming third trimester!


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