Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pregnancy situation: Hello, third trimester!

Starting 28 weeks forward, the final trimester arrived. Feeling both excited and nervous, I mentally prepared everything inside welcoming this final term of my first pregnancy.

I’m considering myself lucky to have free-complications or pain pregnancy. Even though I don’t always feel balanced, healthy and happy all the time, I can make sure that I am generally well.

Besides, good pregnancy genes do run in my family (thanks to mom). Also, I believe that eating well, staying active, and taking care of myself added to my enjoyable pregnancy. However, it doesn’t mean that the pregnancy wasn’t affected me at all though.

False Contractions
Actually, starting 20 weeks of pregnancy, women get “Braxton-Hicks Contractions” – your belly becomes rock hard for 30-90 seconds. I get these contractions at least four times a day now and they don’t hurt and are normal.

Massive weight gain
Worry not, in this last trimester you’d look “more” pregnant as your belly and the whole appearance become rounder and bigger. I gained weight fast after 28 weeks and wondering where it came from. The baby weighs around 3 kg approaching 35 weeks and will continue gaining a few grams through 40 weeks (or labour day). The rest is from vastly increased blood volume, uterus weight, the placenta, “milk production area” weight, and more. If in the third trimester you’d found yourself gaining about 4-7 kg rapidly, don’t be surprised. It’s all fine and you’re completely healthy.

In my current state, I have dropped my phone and everything I held not just once a day, but multiple times. I have no idea what triggers this to happen, but pregnant gal must always be alert and be very VERY careful when holding anything or doing something – like cutting veggies in the kitchen (or the knife would fall!).

Bend over
No matter how many times a day you do squats (and it’s super beneficial to prepare yourself for a smooth labor), bending over to grab something on the floor and put on shoes is a nightmare. Tips: Use your toes to pick it up. Another tips? Stare at it long enough and someone may take pity on you. It is also hard to get up from sitting or lying down because of the mini-human relaxing in my abs.

This is also weird. How on earth you can get super hangry after a big meal an hour ago? It’s like one second ago I was calm and satisfied – and then I’m ABRUPTLY STARVING and can’t deal with life and must be fed immediately! The honest cure to this state is: FOOD! Any foods!

But, my prenatal exercise midwife at the hospital recommends all of us pregnant ladies to eat fruits, veggies or even just drink water when the starving comes (especially at night). Why? Because in the last trimester, we must be concerned on what we eat in order to keep the baby’s and mama’s weights on track for a smooth labor. Well, I am guilty in charge to have eaten martabak (sweet pancake), cake and fried rice at night several times. I am now a changed man and ready to be more conscious of what I eat (really?).

Passing out
I have noted that around 11 am – 3 pm I will be totally snoozed out. If I try not to sleep, my energy will drop and look like a zombie trying to stay alive. The best medicine will likely be just sleeping and be lazy. It’s okay to feel that way. At the beginning when this happened, I asked my husband whether being lazy and sleepy in the noon is annoying, and he said it’s all good because I’m pregnant. “Just go to sleep and never mind anything,” he said. Oh I love him!

People may take this as a cliché thing or just a myth, but it’s true. The messier our home, the more upset I am. The neater and more prepared our surroundings look, the happier I get! The state of the nest makes a difference. Oh God!

After feeling movements, hiccups and kicks below the surface of my belly skin for so many months, it’s hard to believe that we’ll actually be with our little bebe in no time. I’m also deeply grateful for the 37 weeks we’ve spent together, and cannot wait for the following weeks to come – in which the bebe could pop out anytime!


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